How I prepared for a leopard gecko

Preparing for a new pet can be challenging and frustrating, but also very fun. Here, I share my experience about how I prepared for my leopard gecko.

I watched every video I could find on youtube about leopard geckos. A lot of people say a lot of different things, which can be confusing. I think I’ve found the right care but will definitely change things when needed. I don’t think there is ONE right way to care for your leopard gecko but there are things that are an absolute must. There is definetely a lot of wrong information out there but I’ve found some experienced youtubers who seem to be know what they’re doing.

What NOT to do:
1. Don’t house multiple geckos together. You could house two females of the same size together if you can monitor them all the time but I strongly advice against it. One of them will always be dominant over the other. Two males will fight and try to kill each other and a male and a female will try to breed.
2. DO NOT use SAND. This can be very harmful for your gecko. Your gecko could end up with impaction and could even die. If you want loose substrate, I suggest using eco earth. Other good substrates are kitchen towels, reptile carpet and tiles.
3. Don’t house an adult leopard gecko in a 10 gallon tank. While this is fine for a juvenile gecko, a 10 gallon is way to small for an adult. I would advice a 20 gallon.

Absolute musts:
1. Supplementing is so important if you want a healthy gecko. Here you can watch a video about supplementing.
2. At least 3 hides. One on the warm side, one on the cool side and a humid hide. Here is a video on how you can make a simple humid hide yourself.
3. Live, gutloaded insects. Gutloading your feeder insects is extremely important for your gecko. If you don’t feed your insects, you’re basically feeding your gecko nothing.

What I bought
Ofcourse, I also went supply shopping. I have a whole list with (almost) every item that I bought in this post. You can get creative with decorations, which is super fun.

Youtubers I watch:
Jessica’s animal friends
Leopard Gecko Talk
Try to watch many different youtubers or read different websites and compare. Don’t just watch one video or read one blogpost and assume that that is what you need to do.

Some specific videos I found helpful:
How to care for leopard geckos
A year in the life of a leopard gecko
Basic Guide
5 tips to make your gecko love you
Guide to substrates
Feeder insects care
No to loose substrate
Feeding leopard geckos
Stuck shed
How to set up a leopard gecko tank
Leopard gecko cage tour

During all the videos I watched and the reading I did, I took notes in a word document. I now have one file with all the information I need.

Something else that is really important is finding an exotic vet that will see leopard geckos. You never know what might happen and having acces to a specialized vet that will be able to help you is extremely important and an absolute necessity.

Another tip: Write down questions you have for the breeder you’re getting your gecko from. Some examples: How old is the gecko? Do you handle the gecko a lot? Which supplements do you use? What and how much do you feed the gecko? Has he had any problems with shedding?
Once you find a breeder, read reviews and contact the breeder with any questions you have.

In the end, do what you think is best for your pet and change things when needed. Never stop learning!

If you think I missed something important, please let me know!


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