Leopard Gecko Supplies

I’m getting a leopard gecko at a reptile expo this sunday. I’ve been doing a lot of research and recently bought everything. I’m getting a leopard gecko because they are just amazing animals but also because I think it can really help me with my mental health issues.

What did I buy?
First things first, the terrarium. I bought an Exo Terra large low terrarium. I chose this one because it was important for me that the enclosure had front opening doors and was big enough. I’m very happy with this enclosure, I hope my little gecko will be to.

Transportation bin.
I didn’t want to take my gecko home in the little container they are kept in at the expo so I bought this container in hopes of making the ride home a little less stressful.

Small Trixie reptile hide

Small Komodo log hide

Cork bark hide

I do also have a humid hide that I made myself.

Exo Terra ficus small

Small fake succulents from Ikea

Exo Terra small dinosaur eggs

Exo Terra 100W thermostat

Exo Terra combometer
Lucky Reptiles thermometer

Exo Terra 25W heat mat

Komodo mealworm dish

Exo Terra small water dish

Exo Terra bamboo tweezers

Exo Terra multi vitamin and calcium+D3
Zoo Med pure calcium

Insect bins

The notebook I’m planning to use to keep track of weight and feeding.

A map where I keep papers and an emergency sheet in.
On top I have a calendar so I can keep track of feeding and supplements.


I think this is almost everything I got. If anyone thinks I forgot something important, please let me know.
I hope you found this helpful.


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