Meet Arlow

Arlow is my new leopard gecko.
I bought him at a reptile show from a breeder I knew.
He is 3 months old and he’s a normal morph. Even though I’ve only had him for a day, I can already see his amazing personality. He slept most of the day ofcourse, but in the evening he started exploring. I didn’t expect to see much of him, but I was so wrong. He tried climbing everything and wasn’t afraid to come see me.

Here’s Arlow on one of his adventures.

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I was so nervous and excited because I wanted everything to go right. The reptile expo was even better than I expected and the people who I got Arlow from were super nice. I am so grateful for the opportunity to keep this amazing reptile and I’m so grateful for my supportive parents who helped me get Arlow.

I plan on doing weekly or monthly updates on this little guy.



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