He didn’t eat for a month

The first month didn’t really go as planned. And ofcourse you never really know how an animal will react or how it will go until you go through it.

I was prepared for Arlow not to eat for the first week, maybe even more. But when he ate on the very first day I was so relieved and I immediatly thought that he would be eating regularly from that moment on. Boy was I wrong…

He refused food ever since that first day. I thought it could be 3 things:
1. He was still getting used to his new environment.
2. He was in brumation (he was also sleeping A LOT).
Or 3. There was something wrong.

Just as I was thinking about taking him to the vet (I really didn’t want to take any risks), he started eating! What a relief! I was so proud.
He’s still being stubborn and not eating a whole lot and consistently, but we’re getting there!

Here are some pictures of Arlow looking at his food.

Having a new animal can be scary at first because you always think something might be wrong. But it is so amazing being able to watch such a beautiful little animal progress and grow up. I also got great advice from other people who own gecko’s, which I am very grateful for.

I hope I reassured some people who are going through something similar with their gecko.

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2 thoughts on “He didn’t eat for a month

  1. When I first got my leaopard gecko named cheese, I noticed he didn’t eat for a week, but he started eating more and more and now he is a big large gecko!
    They may refuse food for a while but they will start eating eventually, my gecko sometimes doesn’t eat still but he is still big and fat! He is 8 months old and his birthday is December 23rd! We actually don’t know the gender of cheese but once he is much bigger we will be able to tell! If you have similar problems with these ask me or this person 😂

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    1. Great to hear that Cheese is doing so well! Arlow is doing great as well ☺️ He’s a stubborn little guy so he sometimes refuses to eat, but never for long! It’s usually around the time he sheds.


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