Leopard gecko enclosure upgrade

Arlow has already been with me for six months. And in those six months, he’s grown a lot. He definitely needed an enclosure upgrade.

He doesn’t fit in his favorite little cave anymore, so I got him a size bigger. When I first got Arlow, he was so small he could hide all the way in the back of the cave where I couldn’t see him. The new one turned out a lot bigger than expected though, so we’ll have to see what he thinks.

In addition to the new cave, I wanted to buy something else for on the warm side. Since Arlow loves climbing, I went for this amazing corner rock.

I also needed some plants because he only had two in his enclosure and it looked really empty. I love how it looks with the new added plants.

These are the items I bought.



Arlow exploring his new cage set-up:

I’ll probably make some adjustments if I see he doesn’t like something.

I will post more pictures of his adventures in his new enclosure on instagram.

I hope you enjoyed this little cage upgrade!
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2 thoughts on “Leopard gecko enclosure upgrade

    1. Hi! The corner cave is from the brand ‘Trixie’ and it’s called ‘corner rock with cave and platform’. It’s absolutely amazing and Arlows favorite hiding place. The ‘Dinosaur eggs’ are from the brand ‘Exo Terra’.


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