How to keep your reptile cool in warm weather

In this extreme heat, keeping your reptiles terrarium cool, can be a hard task. Nevertheless, it is very important to keep the temperatures from rising too high. I wanted to write down a few things I do to keep my leopard gecko cool.

  1. Ice packs
    I put ice packs wrapped in towels on the side of my gecko’s enclosure.
  2. Damp towels
    A great thing to do, is to hang damp towels over/on the side of the enclosure.
  3. Fans
    A fan can really help when you have damp towels on the side of your terrarium. It can rapidly cool an enclosure down.
  4. Windows
    Keep the windows closed during the day. Open them at night to let in cool, fresh air.
  5. Water
    Make sure your reptile has access to cool, fresh water.
    Also spray down his humid hide (if your reptile has one) or his enclosure with cool water regularly.
  6. Curtains
    Partly or fully close the curtains of the room when the sun shines onto the room to keep the temperature from rising.
  7. Move terrarium
    If possible, move the enclosure to a cooler space. And make sure your terrarium isn’t in direct sunlight.
    If it’s not possible to move the terrarium and you can’t get the temperatures down, consider getting a small extra enclosure to keep your reptile in temporarily in a cooler room.

Please double check on your reptiles during extreme temperatures.
Contact your vet if you think your reptile is overheated.

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