Why your leopard gecko isn’t eating

There are a few reasons why your leopard gecko would stop eating. I’m going to discuss the most common reasons here. If you think that something might be wrong with your little lizard, please contact a reptile vet just to be sure.

New gecko
Did you just bring your gecko home? Arlow didn’t eat for a month when I first brought him home. It can be the new enviroment that makes them not want to eat.
So don’t panic when your gecko doesn’t eat right away when you bring him home, give him some time.

When my leopard gecko is about to shed, he stops eating for a few days. I first was worried about this, but after he sheds, he eats like a champ again.
Don’t be alarmed if your gecko stops eating right before he sheds, but make sure he eats again after.

If you recently moved your gecko to a new enclosure, it may cause some stress. This may result in your gecko not wanting to eat. It’s nothing to worry about and you should just give him some time.

Not wanting to eat could be a symptom of illness.
Some of the other symptoms to watch out for are sunken eyes, fewer droppings, weight loss, dullness, tiredness.
Not wanting to eat in combination with these symptoms could be indicating that there’s something wrong. I would advice you to take your gecko to the vet.

A big factor can be impaction. What could help here, are warm baths and massaging your geckos belly in the water.

An enclosure that’s too cold, can cause decreased appetite. Double check the right temperatures for your gecko and make adjustments in the enclosure if necessary.

I hope you found this post helpful and please don’t hesitate to ask questions!

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