Why your gecko needs calcium

Why is calcium so important for your leopard gecko? If you’re reading this post, it means you’re doing research on this subject, which is great. In this post I’ll explain why your gecko needs to have calcium.

It’s really important that you provide your gecko with pure calcium. I have a little bottle cap in my geckos tank where I put the pure calcium in. The calcium in the enclosure needs to be pure calcium, not calcium+D3. Really make sure to check this.

Metabolic Bone Disease
MBD is a very serious condition caused by calcium and vitamin D3 deficiency. You can look up pictures, but it is very confronting and sad to see. These pictures really show how insanely important providing calcium is. MDB is irreversible once your geckos bones are deformed, they will stay this way forever.

I see Arlow eat/lick calcium frequently as you can see here ↓

Symptoms of MBD:
– Deformed arms and legs
– Tiredness
– Weakness
– Lack of movement
– Crooked spine
– Softened/rubbery bones

You can easily prevent MDB by providing calcium and dusting the insects with the correct supplements. I plan on doing a blog post all about supplements so keep an eye out for that!

Next to calcium, you should also use a multivitamin with D3. The calcium is put in a little bowl in the enclosure and I dust the insects with the repashy calcium plus. ↓

Very important videos you should watch:
Metabolic Bone Disease in Leopard Geckos
Treating Metabolic Bone Disease

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