How to: gecko emergency instructions sheet

This is a short blog post where I explain what my Gecko Emergency Instructions Sheet is.

I keep this paper in a folder in my ‘gecko drawer’. My family members know were it is, in case something happens with Arlow when I’m not home. I wrote what to do if something is wrong with my gecko and the adress and phone numbers of two vets.

It is also my instruction sheet for when someone else has to take care of Arlow. How, what and when to feed him, which supplements, the right temperatures… I think it’s great to have a sheet of paper with some information and instructions on it. This, for me, is the perfect overview for when someone else needs to take care of him.

Here’s an example of an instruction sheet ↓

You should definitely consider making one for your little gecko! I’ve already used it when my sister had to take care of Arlow for two days and it was super handy.

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