Gecko substrate: switching to tile

I’ve wanted to change the substrate in my gecko enclosure for a while now and I finally got to! I’m very excited to share this and I’m also going to write a post on the differences between tile and paper towel as substrate, of course after my gecko has been on tile for a while.

What did I do and how?
I used 3 tiles and my dad cut them for me so they would fit in the enclosure. We also got rid of any sharp edges.

I thoroughly cleaned the tiles because they had a ton of dust on them. I used Wipe Out, a reptile safe spray and hot water.

The before: enclosure with paper towel ↑

I decided to put paper towel underneath the tiles to protect the glass. I was a little worried about the heat and how long it would take to get the tiles warm. It did take a bit longer to get them to the right temperature but they hold heat very well.

Patiently waiting until I’m done with his enclosure ↑

I’m extremely happy with the result and I love the color. I still put paper towel underneath two different hides so the change wouldn’t be that big and he’d still have something he recognizes.

I’m excited to share more photos and videos of Arlow on the tiles. I also have his reaction to the new substrate that I’m planning on sharing soon.
You can follow Arlow on instagram if you want to see more!

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