Paper towel as a substrate for leopard geckos

Since I just switched to tile, I thought I’d write a blog post about why I liked using paper towel. I used it for about 8 months and really loved it.
I’m also going to discuss the cons in this post so you have all the information before you make a decision.
I’m planning on writing another post about tile as a substrate when I’ve been using it for a while longer.

The pros
Paper towel is so easy to maintain!
Cleaning it is super easy, you can switch it out for new ones every time you need to clean the tank, and it doesn’t take up much time either.

It’s very hygenic because you replace it when you clean.

Unlike sand, there isn’t any risk of impaction. Which is a huge pro. If you want to read my blog post about why you shouldn’t use sand, you can click HERE.

It’s easy to find. You can literally find paper towel in any grocery store.

It’s cheap. Paper towel isn’t expensive at all.

The cons
For me, the biggest con is how it looks. It doesn’t look that great or natural.

You do have to keep buying new rolls, unlike tile or a sand mat, which are a one time purchase. When you clean, you also have to throw out all the old paper towel.

Is it the best substrate?
I honestly don’t think paper towel is the number one best substrate you can use. Just because of the way it looks in the enclosure and because it’s not a one time purchase.
For me personally, paper towel does make the top 3.

Paper towel is a great substrate to use for your leopard gecko. Especially for when you just bring a new gecko home.
The main reason why I wanted tile in Arlows enclosure is, honestly, because I like the way it looks. It looks way more natural than the paper towel. But now I see much more pros to using tiles, which I’ll definitely discuss in my post about tile as a substrate.
If you want to see how I switched to tile, you can click on THIS POST.

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