Cleaning my reptile enclosure

In this post I share how I clean my gecko enclosure, I also made a video that you can watch on my instagram by clicking here.

What I use:
– Zoomed Wipe Out spray (see picture)
– Warm water
– Paper towels
– Towels
– Cleaning cloth
– Sponge

The first thing I do, is take all the decorations out of the enclosure and put Arlow in his little tub. I also open a window to let in fresh air, which is important when you’re using cleaning products.

I then take out the tiles and lay them on a towel on the ground.

I spray the enclosure and the tiles with the Wipe Out spray and let it sit for five minutes.

After that, I wipe the enclosure and the tiles dry with paper towel and clean everything with warm water.

I then dry everything again with a towel.

After that, it’s time to put the tiles back. I lay a layer of paper towels underneath the tiles to protect the glass. Once they’re are back in the enclosure, I put everything back.
And that’s it, all clean! Time to put Arlow back and I’m done.

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