One year of gecko keeping

What a wonderful year it has been. 2019 defenitely brought some challenges but I’m so grateful to have had this little gecko with me. December not only marks the end of 2019, it also marks my one year of gecko keeping.
Since I got Arlow and started my blog, I’ve met some amazing people who share my love for reptiles. And I’m so grateful for all the love and support I’ve been getting. I’m also amazed by how many people found my posts helpful and have reached out to me.

In honour of my first year of gecko keeping, I want to share my favourite Arlow photos of the past year. I hope you enjoy looking back at these amazing moments.

On our way home from the reptile expo
Exploring his new home for the first time
Getting over his fear of my hand
Him not wanting to get off my hand anymore
Looking right at me with those amazing eyes
The most beautiful smile
One of my favourite pics, just look at him!
His first hatchday celebration
Posing on his new tiles
His first Halloween
Christmas photoshoot favourite

I can’t believe how lucky I am to have this little nugget in my life. I plan on sharing some tips and tricks I learned this first year.
Coming soon.

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