How I take photos of my reptile

In this short blog post I explain how I take photos of my gecko. I also briefly explain how I edit them and which apps I use to edit.

The most important item I use when taking pictures is the playpen I have for my gecko. It’s a clothing bin from IKEA (link: SKUBB). He can run around in there while I take pictures whithout me having to worry that he’ll fall of the bed.

Example: Fall theme
I made a background with fake leaves and used my laptop holder as a base.

Example: Dungeons and Dragons theme
I used my DM screen as a background and spread dice across the floor. I just let him run around and explore while I take pictures.

Example: Nature theme
I took some decorations and hides and let him explore. Watching him explore the setting is so much fun and it results in amazing and fun photos.

Of course I also take pictures of Arlow in his enclosure and I edit those as well. Arlow’s enclosure is next to a window so he gets a lot of natural lighting.

The apps I use are VSCO and Moldiv. Both have lots of free options. VSCO is definitely my favourite.
To edit my instagram stories I use Canva. I absolutely love Canva. There are so many different options and style to choose from. You can get creative and make something from scratch, or you choose one of the pre-existing styles.
I don’t use filters much, but I do alter lighting, add contrast, sharpen and alter the saturation in VSCO.
A quick example of what I do ↓

I hope you found this post helpfull. Message me here or on instagram with any questions you have.

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