Is a leopard gecko the right pet for you?

Considering getting a leopard gecko? Wondering if it’s the right pet for you? Look no further, I lay out all the awesome things about them, and the things that make them less ideal as a pet.

First of all, the fact that you are reading this post means you’re doing your research and I’m so glad! The most important thing to do before getting any pet is research, you need to find out if it’s a match. Will you be able to give this animal the best possible life that it deserves?

Things to consider about leopard geckos

Up until 6 months, leopard geckos need to eat every single day. They NEED to eat live insects, which you also need to feed.
Feeding can be relatively easy. But it’s not the same for every gecko. My gecko, for example, is a terrible eater. It takes up a lot of time and patience to feed him.
Remember that you absolutely have to feed live, gut loaded insects. There’s no way around it. This can be tricky for some people, so really think about this fact before getting a leopard gecko.

Caring for insects
I think a lot of people forget that you also have to take care of the feeder insects. If you don’t feed the insects, you are basically giving your gecko empty insect shells. So giving the insects fresh fruits and veggies will be part of your pet care routine.


‘Beginner pet’
I’m personally not a fan of the term ‘beginner pet’. I’m planning on writing a separate blog post about this but it belongs in this post as well.
On a lot of blogs and in tons of videos, leopard geckos are described as easy beginner pets. I’ve spoken to a lot of people who, because of that, underestimated the care and cost. Don’t assume you won’t have to do much and can put them in a small enclosure with barely any enrichment. You still have to care for them every single day. Water changes, spraying the humid hide, feeding, cleaning bowls, spot cleaning…
There are of course reptiles that are way more difficult to care for, but don’t think ‘beginner pet’ means you won’t have to care for them much.

Vet costs
Another important thing to consider, will you be able to pay vet costs? You can’t assume nothing will ever happen to your gecko.
I personally set some money aside every month in a little ‘vet fund’ for my gecko. That way I’m prepared if something would happen to him.
You have to be responsible and consider if you’ll be able to pay for a vet trip.

What makes leopard geckos such great pets

I absolutely adore my leopard gecko. He brings me so much joy and he brightens my day. I’ll tell you why I feel leopard geckos make such great and lovely pets.

Emotional bond?
The bond you’ll have with your gecko won’t compare to one you’d have with a dog or bunny, it doesn’t even come close. But they do like to come out of their enclosure more so than a lot of other reptiles. And that can be so much fun! You do have to start this process slowly (in my opinion) if you want to create a bond of trust. If you’d like to know more about my experience bonding with my gecko, you can click HERE to read my post about this topic.
Your gecko will not love you or care for you like dogs do. But they can learn to trust you and associate you with positive things. My gecko ‘asks’ to come out of his enclosure a lot and likes to hang out on my legs. But if you want a real connection with your pet, a leopard gecko might not be the best choice.
Leopard geckos don’t mind not being held. This can also be a pro for a lot of people.

Like with all animals, some leopard geckos will never enjoy being held or touched. You need to be prepared for this and give that gecko the same care you would a leopard gecko that likes to be held and hang out with you. I understand it might be difficult to accept, but that’s something to consider. Will you be able to love and care for a gecko that doesn’t want you to touch them?

Active and fun to watch
If you provide them with a large and filled enclosure, you’ll see how active these little guys are. It’s amazing to watch them run around. They love to explore their tank and climb on everything. You can get super creative with branches, leaves, hides, background…
I’ve seen a huge difference with geckos that have to live in small, bare enclosure. They’re not as active and you’ll defintely see a difference in behaviour if you give them the right enclosure. My gecko uses every inch of his enclosure and climbs on litteraly everything in there.
It’s also fun to entertain your gecko. I have a separate post on spending time with your gecko and how I entertain mine, which you can find HERE.

When your leopard gecko is full grown you only have to feed them a few times a week. This is a big pro in my eyes. You don’t have to worry about feeding your gecko every single day, they can go a few days without. They even go weeks/months without much food during brumation.
This comes in especially handy if your going away for the weekend!

Leopard geckos are crespuscular animals. That means they are most active early in the morning and in the evening, and sleep during the day. Which is great when you have to go to work/school. Your gecko will start to get up and active when you get home. This is also the time you’ll have to feed them.


I’m sure there are so many more pros and cons, and I can probably go on about this for pages, but I hope this helped you a bit in your decision. Just please do as much research as you can about these amazing geckos! I find them great pets and it is an absolute joy caring for mine.
If you have any questions or remarks, feel free to message me on instagram.

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