How to pick up and handle a leopard gecko

In this post I’ll explain the best ways to pick up and handle a leopard gecko, and what NOT to do.

How to pick up your leopard gecko
There are a few ways to get your gecko into your hands. The easiest method is to just let your gecko walk onto your hand. Place your hand in front of your gecko and let them walk right onto your hand. You might have to give it a few tries. This isn’t the quickest way and if you need to get your gecko out fast, to go to the vet for example, this might not be the best method.

Another way (a much faster way) is to slide your hand underneath the belly of your leopard gecko and gently lift him. Always come from the side so your leopard gecko sees your hand coming.


What not to do:
You should never grab your gecko from above. This may cause stress or it could scare or startle them. The best way is to always come from the side, so your gecko can see your hand coming.

How to handle your leopard gecko

Number one rule: Always be gentle.
Be careful when handling them from a height, you DO NOT want them to fall. The safest way is to sit on the ground, on your bed, your sofa… You can let your gecko walk from one hand to the other, let them walk up your arm, run around on your legs. If you want to read some more about how to spend time your leopard gecko, you can read this blog post where I go over bonding, entertaining and more.

I hope you found this post helpful. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to message me on Instagram!

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