How to make a humid hide

A humid hide is an extremely important part of a leopard gecko enclosure. I’ve come across a lot of people who don’t know about this.

But what is a humid/moist hide?
A humid hide is a small box that holds humidity. The substrate inside always needs to be damp/moist. Leopard geckos like a dry environment but when they shed, they need a place with high humidity to aid them.

Good news: you don’t have to buy one! You can of course and there are some naturalistic looking ones you can find. But you can just as easily make one yourself in 5 minutes, as I did.

Things you’ll need:
– A plastic box WITH a lid
– A knife or scissors
– Tape
– Decoration like plants (if you want)
– Paper towel

It’s really simple.
Cut a small opening in the side of the box. Not too big, it needs will hold the humidity. Put tape on the sides of the opening so your gecko can’t cut himself.
Put the lid back on and put paper towel on the bottom the box. Spray the inside of the box with water so it’s moist (this needs to happen daily).
You can decorate it however you like. I hang plants over mine and put washi tape on the sides. I’ve seen people decorate them beautifully and naturalistic. You can find a lot of inspiration online.

Arlows humid hide in his enclosure:

If you do want to buy one, these are some examples:

One you made yourself works just as well and it saves you some money.

You can watch THIS video for more explanation and a quick tutorial. It’s a video by Jessica, she has an amazing youtube channel with great care videos.

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