How I got my leopard gecko excited about food again

As some of you may know, my gecko doesn’t like food all that much. He just isn’t as interested in food as other geckos, and I’ve always had to put in a lot of effort to get him to eat.
But after talking to my vet about it, I decided to try something new!

My gecko also refused to eat out of bowls, he hated all bowls, but now he eats out of a bowl every time! He also gets super excited when he sees his food.

Disclaimer: Always talk to a vet if you have any concerns about your gecko.

Repashy Grub Pie
I saw some videos where leopard geckos got really excited when they smelled the Repasy Grub Pie. And I wanted to give it a try with the hope that it would spark Arlows interest in food.
And oh boy did it…
The first time I tried to give it to him, he went crazy for it. For me, the smell was HORRIBLE, but he seemed to absolutely love it. Every time he smells it, he comes running. He ate all of it.
I hoped the Grub Pie would make him excited about eating insects again, and it did! The next feeding after the grub pie, he was very interested in the insects and he ate more than usual. I also noticed that he didn’t give up as soon as normal. Normally, if he doesn’t catch an insect after a few tries, he gives up and doesn’t want to eat anymore. But he kept trying until he got one, and then went on to the next one!

The Bowl
Arlow despises bowls, wants nothing to do with them and just doesn’t eat out of them. When I saw him so excited about the insects, I took my chance! I put some in a bowl, and put it right in front of him. He ate one, but soon was over it. I decided to just leave it in there for a while… and he soon came back and ate everything right out of the bowl.

Where are we now?
It’s been a few weeks now and I continued the process of switching between the Grub Pie and insects, while also trying to get a bowl with insects right in front of him when I saw him showing any interest in food. AND IT WORKED! He eats like a champ now. He eats out of a bowl without issues (I also switch between letting him hunt) and he gets excited about eating, every feeding time.

In conclusion: This was an immense succes. Remember that this might not work for your gecko. I’ve seen other geckos who hated the Repashy Grub Pie, or only wanted to eat it once. But I’m very grateful to have tried it out! I’m planning on making a video on this experience with all the cute videos of Arlow getting excited about all the food, so keep an eye out for that!

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