How to prepare for a vet visit

Vet check list
Make a list with everything you need to take with you and what you need to prepare.
Like the travel enclosure, any paperwork or forms, heating pads…

Preparing a travel enclosure
Try to get everything ready the day before your appointment.
Things you need:
– A bin, with air holes for ventilation
– Paper towel as a substrate
– A heat pad to keep your gecko warm
– A hiding place so they feel secure (if possible, pick a hide without a bottom so the vet can easily get your gecko)

List everything about your gecko
Make a document with basic information about your gecko.
– Enclosure measurements
– The temperatures of the cold and warm side
– How often and how much your gecko eats
– The vitamins and supplements they get and how often they get them
– …

Write down in detail what’s wrong
You should do this to make sure you don’t forget to mention anything.
Write down when the symptoms started, what the symptoms are, any weight changes, changes in behaviour… Anything you think might be important. Don’t forget to add any photos you might have taken.

Write down any questions you have. This is super important, because there’s a high chance you will forget some things if you don’t write your questions down. Not only questions about the reasons you came, but any questions you have around your pet care.

I hope this helped you get ready for your vet visit. If you have any questions or remarks, don’t hesitate to message me on instagram.

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