Making a gecko digging box

I decided to make a little digging area for my gecko. I’ve been noticing he tries to dig into the tile and inside his humid hide, so I wanted to give him a place where he can actually dig. I also wanted to give him some new textures to explore.
Sand should be avoided for leopard geckos, so if you want to use a loose substrate for either an enclosure or just a digging area, pick something like eco earth!

Important tip! If you have any Eco Earth left on your hands, DON’T wash it off in your sink. I did this, when I had only a little amount left on my hands, and it got stuck in the piping, which are now ruined.

Getting the Eco Earth ready

A few easy steps later and you have a usable loose substrate.

Does Arlow like it?
I wanted to find out if Arlow actually uses his new digging are before buying a decent stone container. So I made a temporary digging box with a plastic container. It doesn’t look nice, but it works for now! This is how it looks inside the enclosure.

He climbed into the box right away, but got out of it just as fast. For a week, he showed no interest at all and refused to get in there. Then after that first week, I came to check on him and his enclosure was a total mess. The eco earth was everywhere. After that, he started digging in the box every single day. I now spot him in there multiple times a day. It’s been so fun to see him enjoying it so much!
Since he seems to love and use it so much, I am now on the lookout for a nice stone container that fits in the enclosure.

I highly recommend trying out a digging box for your leopard gecko. I’m so glad I did!

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